The Blue Shift

What if God had more than one beat (i.e. bang) in His music? More like bang di di bang da bang bang.” – Alan Glover

Recorded at a live concert in February 2010, The Blue Shift presents a musical narrative that combines science with spirituality. Glover and his quartet expand on the theories of physicists Edwin Hubble, Albert Einstein, Fritz Zwicky and others by asking what the universe might look like if God initiated multiple big bangs, rather than beginning from a single point. A programmatic series of improvisational structures guides the listener through a hypothetical history of time and space, expanding and contracting in an ongoing celestial dance. This deluxe combined DVD/CD edition presents the entire concert in 5.1 surround sound and video clarity. The CD also includes a bonus track of  Alan’s Juice Quartet 1970’s rendition of Maurice Ravel’s Bolero.

(Juice Jazz Collection Vol. Four) Dvd/Cd combination $14.99