Neck Work

Essays, Parables and Glances of a Jazz Musician.

Did Adam and Eve die, or do we labor under a ruling class theology? Is man made in God's image? Is money of God? Who are the meek? Why do bad things happen to good people (and others)? Is evolution vs. creationism a genuine argument? Is America a pagan society? Are we trained or are we educated?

As a free-thinking, progressive Christian and jazz musician, Alan's literary effort, NECK WORK offers provocative writings and commentary, challenging established political/economic understandings and theological beliefs.

Alan proposes alternate meanings for the idea of original sin and the fall of man, noting that as doctrine, these tenets as currently accepted and believed, were not adopted as doctrine for more than 400 years after Christ.

Mr. Glover asks for a redefinition of money and whether or not it is from God.

Questions of Christian morality are posed against the biblical admonition of "not having the love of the world within you" and "being in the world but not of the world"; and of course, what is the "world"?

The intention of Neck Work is to challenge, not to condemn, even if some subjects are as provocative as "Are we a Christian society or a truly pagan society replete with idols?"

"Alan Glover's NECK WORK… is an act of liberation, a manifesto in the reawakening of Christian consciousness..";

The Rev. John Simon Pastor
Second Baptist Church of Poughkeepsie, NY

NECK WORK 215 pg. price $14.95

Neck Work