The Musiversal Visual Aid

Visual perception can increase the understanding of intellectual concepts. This book The Musiversal ® Visual Aid assists the student in visually perceiving the harmonics of scales, chords and progressions. To form a geometric pattern, notes are transposed onto what can be defined as a tone clock. The tone clock is simply a representation of the twelve tones of Western music placed in chromatic order in the same positions as the numerals in an ordinary time clock.

For example, on the lower image to your right, the two figures visually illustrate the harmonic relationship of Dominant 7th chords with flatted 5ths with both the Wholetone and Diminished scales.

There are a wide range of illustrations including:
  • Progressions
  • Substitutions
  • Harmonization of diatonic and symmetrical scales
  • Triad pair harmonizations
  • Basic rules of harmony including illustrations of the overtone series
    ... and more.

The Musiversal ® Visual Aid is just what it’s name implies, an aid. It is to be used as an additional tool in the study of harmony and its application, in whatever course of study the student engages.

THE MUSIVERSAL® VISUAL AID 137 pg. price $35.00
Musiversal Visual Aid

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