The Musiversal Scale Rule

A Circular slide rule that consolidates the chords and scales for progressive improvisors and composers.

"The music wheel is an absolute must for the serious music student. I’ve waited twenty years for such a music device to come along. I am thrilled for the upcoming musicians to have this great tool in their possession. It's a great way to memorize scales and it shows how scales are constructed."
Lenny Stallworth Assistant Professor Berklee College of Music Boston, Mass.

"The harmony wheel is a perfect musical tool for the organization and review of already acquired knowledge. The harmony wheel is also useful for expanding ones musical aptitude once its operation has been understood. A perfect tool for any serious music student."
Charles A. Lewis, Sr. Associate Professor Berklee College of Music Boston, Mass.

"As the student studies music theory, the value of the Musiversal Scale Rule, will become self-evident and the information will always be at the musician’s fingertips, for practice, rehearsals or even on the bandstand!"
-Alan Glover

Musiversal Scale Rule