Kings of Infinite Space

His new cd Kings of Infinite Space has all kinds of beautiful things in it- things that show the range and depth of his creative vision. The first thing one notices about this music is the emotional range of the compositions. Each one is meticulously shaped and sculpted, much like the work of Thelonious Monk- not that the compositions sound like Monk-but that each song has a distinct personality and life history that is deeper than the notes that we are hearing. It is immediately telling stories that have a beginning, middle and end.

- From the liner notes by world renowned bassist and composer William Parker

"Special guest "Juice", tenor saxophonist Alan Glover, took an extended solo, at first with the support of the trombones, but then over a loose cacophony from the other sections too. Glover played with Parker in the early 1970s when he ran a loft called the Firehouse. He preached over the orchestral anarchy in fluent post- Ayler style with more than a hint of Sonny Rollins........."

Vision Festival X day 6 June 19th 2005 review by John Sharpe;
All About Jazz website

(Juice Jazz Collection Vol. Two) cd price $12.97