Juice Quartet Archives

A broad compilation of Firehouse recordings and live performances of Alan's Juice Quartet from 1971 to 1981.

The Juice Quartet for many years consisted of pianist and musical director Kasa Allah (Stanley Wiley),bassist William Parker and drummer Abu Kali. Together they explored the gambit of musical expression and style from mainstream straight-ahead to avant-garde and avant-avant-garde. The group toured the New York loft jazz scene of the Seventies. The quartet also did an eighteen month stint with United States Federal government's C.E.T.A. Arts Program, under the auspices of The Theatre For The Forgotten, performing for shut-ins at hospitals, prisons and nursing homes, accompanying three plays of the theater’s, which the musicians collectively composed. The quartet also toured with the theatre as "The Juice Quartet Concert Series".

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Juice Jazz Archive

Vol. 1
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Vol. 2
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Vol. 3
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