Written and directed by
Alan Glover

A. Omar Owens
Earl Thomas
Barbara Barnes
Dick Leonard
Ayo Fenner
Stan Diamond
Ademola Olugebefola

Photography by
Alan Glover
Karma Stanley

Artistically inspired by Luis Bunuel’s film Un Chien Andalou, Alan Glover’s film Birth surrealistically depicts the onset of cultural/political consciousness of a young African-American adult.


This film was the direct result of Alan’s political activism starting with the second March on Washington in 1968, the Poor Peoples Campaign/Resurrection City, which was to be headed by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who was tragically assassinated before the march occurred. Alan covered the march as an independent photographer with his older brother Doug. The following year Alan and Doug went to Jackson Mississippi under the auspices of The Poor Peoples Corporation, as a volunteer workers with Alan as a photographic consultant and 16mm motion film cameraman.

It was a harrowing and sobering cultural experience for the politically naive 21 year old Mr. Glover.

Upon returning from Mississippi Alan and Doug joined the protest against the construction of The Harlem State Office Building in Harlem (the site was dubbed Reclamation Site #1), which was happening at the same time that Columbia University was at odds with the Harlem community regarding its plans to build an elite gymnasium on its Harlem property.

It was through that conflict with Columbia that Alan, Doug and their crew wrestled a 16mm camera and recorder rig from Columbia’s outreach effort to assuage the offended Harlemites.

Not only did the crew-which included Arthur Omar Owens, Birth’s starring actor-negotiate the film equipment, but also bargained for Columbia personnel to act the parts of the racial antagonists in the film.

The recording of the music soundtrack was also the birth of the JUICE QUARTET.

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